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28 July 2021  |   11 AM PST

Continuum of Deployment & Scale Alternatives Scale Alternatives

From large scale cloud deployments, to a “smart edge” appliances, to managing edge devices,all you need is Flex83. Learn from this webinar.

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Experience Cloud Edge Convergence ease with Application Enablement platform (AEP)

Edge / Cloud Convergence Enhances both Cloud and Edge Functional Value & Effectiveness

IoT Applications by Default “See” Edge Devices, Sensors and Data Flows but Edge / Cloud Convergence takes this to the Next Level with a Truly Integrated Edge & Cloud Solution.

  • Edge Configuration, Threshold MGT & Software Version MGT

  • Create, Install & Manage an Edge Agent to Gather Data

  • Create Digital Twin Cloud Logic for Fault / Anomaly Detection

  • Build Cloud Analytics on Edge Data to Push to the Edge

  • Dynamically move SW Functions From Cloud to Edge

  • Iterative Enhancements to Leverage this Convergence


Lee House
Lee House
Founder & CEO
Deep Nayar
Founder / CTO & EVP Sales
Jayant Puri
VP Engineering

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