Build real-time connected IoT solutions & products

Quickly, securely, efficiently, and successfully.

Highly differentiated path to application creation​

Our Application Enablement Platform dramatically speeds the design & deployment of powerful IoT solutions.

Smarter Execution & Business Agility

IoT83 accelerates your path from Idea to Deployed Solutions & catalyzes your team’s know-how.

Lower Program Risk & Greater IoT Success

Remove the main reasons that IoT programs fail from the equation – with a Complete AEP framework!

A Continuum of Tools To Build & Run IoT Solutions

All the tools & services to let you launch what you want at the scale you want – with "Always On" reliability!

Why do you need an application enablement platform?

Flex83’s application enablement platform goes far beyond what traditional IoT as a Service solutions provide. Our AEP gives you an integrated engine to not only build – but also operate powerful IoT solutions – at a fraction of the cost, risk, and time to market.

Without FLEX83
With FLEX83

Following are a few use cases for you to explore what Flex83 can do to help you add new power, automation & optimization to your business.

Fast creation of flexible & innovative IoT solutions

Use Case #1

Work Simplification and Operations & Service optimization, along with Asset Fault Detection, Prevention, and Avoidance are at the core of the “IoT Killer Applications” for lifting business results.

Advance your existing enterprise solutions

Use Case #2

In addition to providing the best-of-breed application creation solution, IoT83 provides an ideal framework to onboard new southbound data flows, easily interwork “Northbound” new or legacy applications, add new data analytics intelligence, or extend enterprise data processing.

Flex83 extends your enterprise data coherence

Use Case #3

Use the secure IoT83 Data Connectors, Secure API Gateway features, data transformation tools, and multiple database support to interwork all of your enterprise “Southbound” data flows to your disparate “Northbound” applications. What use to be very hard is now much easier, scalable, and reliable with Flex83.

Our Application Enablement Platform leverages the best open-source software to provide you with all of the power and flexibility possible

Achieve new heights

With FLEX83, sky is the limit.

Create events, set alarms, and notifications, take actions, or customize the platform according to your needs efficiently with FLEX83.

Flex83's dev-ops & performance management

Extensive integrated dev-ops tools manage your always-on solution & include platform & infra monitoring, debug & diagnostics, & application health monitoring.

Verme MQ Performance Metrics

Kafka connector performance, statistics & analysis

Kafka consumer performance, statistics & analysis

ETL jobs health & performance

Historical MQTT messages
MQTT real-time visibility & diagnostics
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Statistics, diagnostics & debug
ETL lifecycle message analysis

Spark cluster diagnostics

Web requests per second
Data performance trends
TCP transaction trends
Per instance CPU & memory trends

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