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Enhancing your operational efficiency

Good IoT solutions are all about results. Flex83 will dramatically accelerate your ROI.

Flex83 is very powerful. You can configure actions based on  simple threshold crossings or build and monitor more complex combinatorial events from the telemetry data your devices provide. You can even create derived or synthetic attributes and add these to your logic. Flex83 provides you with the tools to easily build “Actions on Events” to trigger RPCs, Webhooks, function calls, emails, SMS messages, connections to third-party applications, and much more. Click through the menu items below for a taste of this.

Threshold Config

Insights at your fingertips

Always stay one step ahead with Flex83.

Flex83’s flexible and dynamic application enablement solution helps you turn real-time data into big-time business value.

Our application enablement platform is all about value creation

It’s not just about the IoT technology, it’s also about accelerating your business results​.
Following is just a glimpse of how much of a difference FLEX83 can make in your business outcomes.
Without Flex83
Operational Efficiency
Service Efficiency
Asset Lifetime Management
Maintenance Efficiency
With Flex83
Operations Efficiency
Service Efficiency
Maintenance Efficiency
Asset Lifetime Management

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