The IoT & Big-Data Application Enablement Platform

Experience the Difference:

  • No-Code, Low-Code, or Full-Code
  • Total Application Creation Flexibility
  • One Platform to Deploy Anywhere
  • Any Device. Any Data. Any Logic.
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Cut your Development &  Deployment cost, risk, and time to market with our solid underlying big-data core & powerful application creation studios


Easily Accelerate & Expand Your IoT & Big-Data Program Business Impacts

The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform gives you are reliable & scalable IoT Core along with the Application Development Studios to streamline program execution. With Flex83, you go straight to producing results – not re-inventing the wheel.

With Flex83, You Focus on Results

Our Solution: The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform

A Reliable, Scalable & Portable IoT Core that “Just Works”

Connection Manager

Dynamic Data MGT

Dynamic Data MGT

Analytics & Insights

Application Integration

Integrated DevOps

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A Powerful Set of Tools to Accelerate New Application Creation

The Flex83 application enablement platform transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment. It provides a completely scalable, secure & flexible platform “out of the box”, with a full set of intuitive no-code, low-code, and custom-code workflows to speed the creation & deployment of virtually any application.

Fastest Time to Market

Lowest Possible Risk

Intuitive to Build & Operate

No-Code and Low-Code Workflows for Streamlined Application Creation

How it Works: Is the Beauty of the Flex83 Platform


Connection Manager: Easily Connect Devices, Databases & Applications


Low-Code Dynamic ETL - Any Source or Sink & Any Transformation


Data Management: Multiple  Databases & Data-lake Options


Code Engine: Add Lambdas, User Defined Functions, or Containers


Analytics Studio: Add Analytics Notebooks or AI/ML Intelligence


Portable / Scalable Platform: Deploy anywhere with Integrated DevOps

  • Multiple Application Creation Studios

    The Menu-driven tools are intuitive to use to quickly construct, launch & manage your applications.

  • Use Everything or Keep it Lean

    Quickly build applications using the no-code or low-code tools, or integrate full containers & applications

  • Run on Any Public or Private Cloud

    The Flex83 underlying infrastructure makes your applications completely portable & scalable

Flex83 Catalyzes the Creation of Your Intellectual Property

Flex83 Creates a clean separation between the platform and your application and intellectual property. Using the extensive platform tools you accelerate application creation and deployment while catalyzing differentiation and IP creation.

Full Portability & Adaptability is Essential for Enterprise Applications

Your Intellectual Property

Extensive Platform Services

Multi-Tenant & Multi-Application

Clean Micro-Services APIs

Building IoT Solutions "The Old Way" & Before Flex83 ...

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of IoT Programs Failed to Deliver Expected Results

  • Unnecessary Program Complexity
  • Too Slow to Deliver Results
  • Focus on Technology Vs Solutions

The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform Changes Everything

Historical Costs & Risks

  • High Development Cost

  • Expensive Skills Gaps

  • Proprietary/Closed Solutions

  • High Operations Costs

  • Scalability & Reliability


With the Flex83 AEP

  • 3-6 Times Lower Development Costs

  • Intuitive Workflows & Tools

  • An Open & Portable System

  • Cost Optimized with DevOps

  • Proven to 65M Devices

Take A Tour: And See the Flex83 Value Prop & Easy Workflows


  • From 3-6X Development Savings

    Use existing engineering skills & subject matter experts to build new solutions. 

  • Save 2-4X Total Cost of Ownership

    With a proven platform lifetime maintenance cost & skills investment is far reduced

  • Fast Time to Business Impact

    Build your first application literally in days - then expand & enhance with customer feedback

Our power in numbers

Best-in-class solutions for any IoT business.

1 M+
Smart Assets Handled
1 M+
Workflows Handled
1 x ⤒
Market Acceleration
1 x ⤓
Ownership Cost Savings

IoT83 is Trusted Across Multiple Vertical Markets

Driving AEP-based technology for leading brands.

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Industry applications

     Fleet Management
  • Vehical telementry reporting and monitoring
  • Fleet route & geo fencing management
  • Driver behaviour, safety & fleet security
  • Predective maintainance & repaire scheduling
     Distributed Manufacturing
  • Cross-site sensor aggregation & integration
  • Monitor critical infrastructure & fault MGT
  • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • OT/IT/BT Systems Integration
  • Data Distribution to multiple MFG devices
  • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Smart City & Lighting Solutions
  • Integration with LoRa RF Networks
  • Over-the-air Edge Device Updates & MGT
  • Algorithm implementations for LUX controls
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Manufacturing as a Service
  • Enabling "mass production" to MFGaaS
  • Complete business workflows for operations
  • Connecting manufactures to local demand
  • Full MFG 4.0 workflows for fabrications
     Asset Management
  • Over 65M Devices & 5.5M Home Connected
  • Monitoring routers & end-user devices
  • Service management & operations workflows
  • AI/ML analytics for problem discovery
     Smart Edge Device Management
  • Build on the Cloud - Deploy on the Edge
  • Iterative upgrades of Edge Device applications
  • Over the Air Upgrades to Edge Devices
  • Digital Twins of Edge Devices in the Cloud
     Enterprise & Business Integration
  • Middleware for BT/IT/OT Integration
  • Cross-Domain data normalization & data-lake
  • Analytics & AI/ML applications
  • Secure API bridge across multiple applications

And Now for the Really Great News: Flex83 is All Industrial Grade

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