The IoT & Big-Data Application Enablement Platform

Experience the Difference:

  • No-Code, Low-Code, or Full-Code
  • Total Application Creation Flexibility
  • One Platform to Deploy Anywhere
  • Any Device. Any Data. Any Logic.
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Cut your Development &  Deployment cost, risk, and time to market with our solid underlying big-data core & powerful application creation studios

Easily Accelerate & Expand Your IoT & Big-Data Program Business Impacts

The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform gives you are reliable & scalable IoT Core along with the Application Development Studios to streamline program execution. With Flex83, you go straight to producing results – not re-inventing the wheel.

With Flex83, You Focus on Results

Our Solution: The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform

A Reliable, Scalable & Portable IoT Core that “Just Works”

A Powerful Set of Tools to Accelerate New Application Creation

The Flex83 application enablement platform transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment. It provides a completely scalable, secure & flexible platform “out of the box”, with a full set of intuitive no-code, low-code, and custom-code workflows to speed the creation & deployment of virtually any application.

Fastest Time to Market

Lowest Possible Risk

Intuitive to Build & Operate

No-Code and Low-Code Workflows for Streamlined Application Creation

No-Code Click to Build Solutions

Connect devices, IoT analytics parameters and automatically create complete applications.

Low-Code Intelligent Workflows

Powerful data transformations, custom application logic, custom data analytics & dashboards.

Full-Code Total Application Control

Full flexibility to drop in entire code blocks, containers, or even full applications.

How it Works: Is the Beauty of the Flex83 Platform


Connection Manager: Easily Connect Devices, Databases & Applications


Low-Code Dynamic ETL - Any Source or Sink & Any Transformation


Data Management: Multiple  Databases & Data-lake Options


Code Engine: Add Lambdas, User Defined Functions, or Containers


Analytics Studio: Add Analytics Notebooks or AI/ML Intelligence


Portable / Scalable Platform: Deploy anywhere with Integrated DevOps

Multiple Application Creation Studios

The Menu-driven tools are intuitive to use to quickly construct, launch & manage your applications.

Use Everything or Keep it Lean

Quickly build applications using the no-code or low-code tools, or integrate full containers & applications

Run on Any Public or Private Cloud

The Flex83 underlying infrastructure makes your applications completely portable & scalable

Flex83 Catalyzes the Creation of
Your Intellectual Property

Flex83 Creates a clean separation between the platform and your application and intellectual property. Using the extensive platform tools you accelerate application creation and deployment while catalyzing differentiation and IP creation.

Full Portability & Adaptability is Essential for Enterprise Applications

Your Intellectual Property

Extensive Platform Services

Clean Micro-Services APIs

Multi-Tenant & Multi-Application

Building IoT Solutions "The Old Way" & Before Flex83 ...

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of IoT Programs Failed to Deliver Expected Results

  • Unnecessary Program Complexity
  • Excessive Time in Development
  • Focus on Technology Vs Solutions
  • Out of Control Costs

The Flex83 Application Enablement Platform Changes Everything

Historical Costs & Risks

  • High Development Cost

  • Long & Risky Dev. Cycles

  • Expensive Skills Gaps

  • Proprietary/Closed Solutions

  • High Operations Costs

  • Scalability & Reliability


With the Flex83 AEP

  • Cuts Development Cost 2-4X

  • Highly Accelerated Results

  • Intuitive Workflows & Tools

  • An Open & Portable System

  • Cost Optimized with DevOps

  • Proven to 65M Devices

Take A Tour: And See the Flex83 Value Prop & Easy Workflows

From 3-6X Development Savings

Use existing engineering skills & subject matter experts to build new solutions.

Save 2-4X Total Cost of Ownership

With a proven platform lifetime maintenance cost & skills investment is far reduced

Fast Time to Business Impact

Build your first application literally in days – then expand & enhance with customer feedback
Our power in numbers

Best-in-class solutions for any IoT business.

1 M+
Smart Assets Handled
1 M+
Workflows Handled
1 x ⤒
Market Acceleration
1 x ⤓
Ownership Cost Savings

IoT83 is Trusted Across Multiple Vertical Markets

Driving AEP-based technology for leading brands.

Flex83 AEP is the best path to the IoT success.

The Flex83 application enablement platform transforms the cost, risk, and time to market for IoT solution creation and deployment. It provides a completely scalable, secure & flexible platform “Out of the box”, along with intuitive no-code, low-code, and custom-code workflows to easily build virtually anything

Industry applications

     Fleet Management
  • Vehical telementry reporting and monitoring
  • Fleet route & geo fencing management
  • Driver behaviour, safety & fleet security
  • Predective maintainance & repaire scheduling
     Distributed Manufacturing
  • Cross-site sensor aggregation & integration
  • Monitor critical infrastructure & fault MGT
  • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Industry 4.0 Solutions
  • OT/IT/BT Systems Integration
  • Data Distribution to multiple MFG devices
  • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Smart City & Lighting Solutions
  • Integration with LoRa RF Networks
  • Over-the-air Edge Device Updates & MGT
  • Algorithm implementations for LUX controls
  • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
     Manufacturing as a Service
  • Enabling "mass production" to MFGaaS
  • Complete business workflows for operations
  • Connecting manufactures to local demand
  • Full MFG 4.0 workflows for fabrications
     Asset Management
  • Over 65M Devices & 5.5M Home Connected
  • Monitoring routers & end-user devices
  • Service management & operations workflows
  • AI/ML analytics for problem discovery
     Smart Edge Device Management
  • Build on the Cloud - Deploy on the Edge
  • Iterative upgrades of Edge Device applications
  • Over the Air Upgrades to Edge Devices
  • Digital Twins of Edge Devices in the Cloud
     Enterprise & Business Integration
  • Middleware for BT/IT/OT Integration
  • Cross-Domain data normalization & data-lake
  • Analytics & AI/ML applications
  • Secure API bridge across multiple applications

And Now for the Really Great News: Flex83 is All Industrial Grade

Bringing "Enterprise Simple" to IoT

Simplifying the entire process of building smart & powerful IoT & Big-Data Applications.

Industrial-Grade Reliability

Providing the high-availability & reliability that enterprise IoT & Big-Data applications require.

Portable to Run Anywhere

Run your application on any public or private cloud, or even as on-premise appliances.