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Flex83 enables data teams to have new levels of creativity, visibility, and control. Connect various data silos together into a central data lake, all in real-time.​ Get a complete picture into device or system level performance, or integrate multiple systems’ data for new levels of application value creation. Click through the menu below to get a taste of the Flex83 ETL studio.

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FLEX83 has a unique approach to data collection.

Dynamic Transformations​

Set up and flow data with just clicks.
Customize, enrich, and transform your incoming data. Or, easily transform it before it even hits the sink. Our Dynamic ETL lets you to pick the database source and sink of choice from more than 120 plus connectors and configure ETL, made simple via SQL-like statements.​

ETL at Scale

Flex83 effortlessly transforms a million streams per second.
Select any source, configure your ETL, and sync with the connector of your choice - At Scale. ​UDFs allow engineers to apply a model/piece of code on streaming or batch jobs and sink the output to databases, applications, or connectors.


Data collection has never been this smooth.
Using integrated Notebooks, you can write code in Scala along with Apache Spark jobs (ETLs: Extract, Transform and Load).​ You can also write streaming & batch jobs and also use the power of a spark in-memory processing engine.

Secure & Reliable

Never lose even a bit of data on Flex83.
The pipeline is secure and capable of handling millions of streams per second. Built-in application auto-healing and diagnostic capabilities make our ETL studio completely reliable. ​

Complex data meets simplified data flows

Stream ETLs

Stream ETLs

Leverage the power of streaming ETLs to process structured, semi-structured & unstructured data from streaming sources & send/save your insights to any storage, be it databases, files, or streaming.

Connectors - Data Sources

Connectors - Data Sources

You can choose from our rich library of connectors that supports streaming. SQL, no SQL, file, etc. Data sources that can be used to GET & POST data.

Batch ETLs

Batch ETLs

Process structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data from SQL via Batch ETLs. No SQL, file data sources, & send/save your data aggregated insights to any storage, be it databases, files, or streaming.

UDF & Job Scheduler

UDF & Job Scheduler

Interested in writing your piece of custom logic?
Good news! You are at the right place. We do support that.

You can use a variety of languages to write your custom logic functions and use them in ETLs to transform your data.

Plus, the job scheduler can help you with the execution of the Batch ETLs. Whether it is hourly, daily, or at any specific time, define a cron expression for it & it's done.

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