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Flex83 Smart Edge Application Acceleration

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The IoT Industry is trying to understand where to build IoT intelligence, On cloud? or on edge? The answer is, both are essential. Cloud gives you low-cost big-data computing, system-wide visibility, scalability, AI&ML analytics, and more. But an intelligent edge gives you the ability to make real-time decisions at the source, manage connectivity bandwidth, as well as distributed processing. But, Flex83 streamlines the creation of Smart-Edge solutions, enables life-cycle management of your edge intelligence and, automates Cloud/Edge convergence.

Flex83 makes it easy to “build on the cloud and deploy to the edge”.

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A continuum of deployment & scale alternatives​

From large-scale cloud deployments to “Smart Edge” appliances and managing edge devices.​

Integrate in 6 easy steps

IoT applications by default “see” edge devices, sensors and data flows but edge/cloud. Convergence takes this to the next level with a highly integrated edge & cloud solution.​ Following are the 6-key steps that FLEX83 follows to integrate devices on any scale.


Edge configuration, threshold & software version management.​


Create, install & manage an edge agent to gather data​.


Create digital twin cloud logic for fault / anomaly detection​.


Build cloud analytics on edge data to push to the edge​.


Dynamically move software functions from cloud to edge​.


Iterative enhancements to leverage this convergence​.

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