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    Best-in-class solutions for any IoT business.

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    Flex83 AEP is the best path to the IoT success.

    One-stop solution to build & launch IoT applications

    We focus on every aspect of IoT with our AEP Continuum of Services

    • Multi-device Integration

      Multi-device Integration

      Our AEP lets you connect "anything to anything" - devices, databases, applications, and more. Low-Code and No-Code workflows make a connection of diverse IoT devices simple.

    • Analytics & Intelligence

      Analytics & ML Insights

      Monitor, Analyze & Optimize all your IoT devices and backend services in a single unified platform. Our AEP provides end-to-end visibility & powerful analytics workflows for your solutions.

    • Customized Solutions

      Multiple No-Code, Low-Code, and Custom-Code tools and workflows allow intuitive & streamlined creation of the custom business logic and application features your solution requires.

    • cloud edge convergence

      Cloud-edge Convergence

      Our application enablement platform is cloud-agnostic. It unifies cloud, edge and, embedded applications build to launch the process as you grow accustomed to web-mobile application readiness.

    • Operational Efficiency

      Operational Efficiency

      Eliminate device failure and its associated downtime with the automated aggregation and benchmarking insights of our platform. We allow you to act quickly and make better, more profit-conscious decisions.

    • Reliability & Success

      Reliability & Success

      We have built an AEP exclusively for the Internet of Things. You can easily customize as per your unique business needs. We assure continuity, uptime, and support by dedicated experts at every step.

    Why do you need FLEX83?

    Rapid Application Development
    FLEX83’s application enablement solution equips you with rapid application development which is everything you need to develop an IoT ecosystem. Experience the difference with FLEX83, it’s an IoT Continuum.


    Monolithic Applications



    AEP Solution Methodology

    Industry applications

         Fleet Management
    • Vehical telementry reporting and monitoring
    • Fleet route & geo fencing management
    • Driver behaviour, safety & fleet security
    • Predective maintainance & repaire scheduling
         Distributed Manufacturing
    • Cross-site sensor aggregation & integration
    • Monitor critical infrastructure & fault MGT
    • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
    • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
         Industry 4.0 Solutions
    • OT/IT/BT Systems Integration
    • Data Distribution to multiple MFG devices
    • Alarm & Alert prioritization & workflows
    • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
         Smart City & Lighting Solutions
    • Integration with LoRa RF Networks
    • Over-the-air Edge Device Updates & MGT
    • Algorithm implementations for LUX controls
    • Predictive maintenance & anomaly detection
         Manufacturing as a Service
    • Enabling "mass production" to MFGaaS
    • Complete business workflows for operations
    • Connecting manufactures to local demand
    • Full MFG 4.0 workflows for fabrications
         Asset Management
    • Over 65M Devices & 5.5M Home Connected
    • Monitoring routers & end-user devices
    • Service management & operations workflows
    • AI/ML analytics for problem discovery
         Smart Edge Device Management
    • Build on the Cloud - Deploy on the Edge
    • Iterative upgrades of Edge Device applications
    • Over the Air Upgrades to Edge Devices
    • Digital Twins of Edge Devices in the Cloud
         Enterprise & Business Integration
    • Middleware for BT/IT/OT Integration
    • Cross-Domain data normalization & data-lake
    • Analytics & AI/ML applications
    • Secure API bridge across multiple applications
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