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face recognition

Video Analysis

Automatically analyze video to detect and determine events & get useful insights.

face recognition

Face Recognition

Get smart and identify or verify people in photos and real-time streaming.

Object Detection

Object Detection

Detect instances of objects within digital images and video streaming.

trend & forecast

Trends & Forecast

Discover trends from your data and use the information for system optimization.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze audio sentiments & build useful insights from user or customer emotions.

Model Deployment

Model Deployment

Bring any machine learning model and deploy it in your Flex83 AEP solution.

Custom ML

Custom ML

Create your own use-case-specific model and control parameters and objectives.

Auto ML

Auto ML

Our Auto ML streamlines & simplifies building accurate machine learning models.

Empower your IoT projects with ML

Efficiently and successfully.

The one and only Application Enablement Platform of its kind that lets you completely take control of your IoT game – while simplifying and accelerating every step.

Enable yourself with analytical richness

Flex83 not only enables citizen-developers with its platform-rich toolset but also enables AI/ML experts. See below and find out how you can benefit from Flex83 – the best Application Enablement Platform on the market.
Training Data

Feature Selection

Determine the fields of the data source to be used

Data Cleaning

Filter out wrong and/or handle missing data fields

Feature Engineering

Construct better features from the raw data.

Model Building

Construct AI/ML moadel(s)

Model Training & Tuning

Train and fine-tune elements of the model

Operational Data
Developed Model
AI/ML Model Results
Analytics & intelligence

Analytics & intelligence at your fingertips

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